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Your Session

Your session technically starts well before the shoot day itself as we’ll talk, over the phone or via email, to determine what you want to achieve and to start the creative process. Tell me your worries, thoughts, what inspires you and makes you happy. If the session is for children you can take this opportunity to tell me what their likes and dislikes are and what type of child they are: shy or chatty, excitable or quiet etc. etc. I can offer advice on what to wear, bring and things you can do in preparation for the session. Personal props are most welcome too.

A typical session takes approximately 2 hours (4 if Newborn) and can take place in my studio or on location (occasionally at your home on request). I aim for this to be relaxed and fun, not too posey or staged. If there are children involved I don’t expect them to be 100% on their best behaviour. With children of my own I understand how new environments and new people can excite and frighten in equal measures. Rest assured I will guide them or you all as a family but on the whole I want the children to be themselves. My aim is to capture their character so
allowing them freedom throughout the session is key. I’m not there to judge just to capture. Adults please forget the stigma around having your photograph taken. Nearly everyone I see tells me they look awful in photos but yet I’m still struggling to find someone that actually does!

I use a mixture of studio lighting and natural light. Picking the best source for the day, environment, style and location choice. With a portable studio kit to hand should it be needed. In the studio theres a number of backdrop choices so we can tailor to suit you.

Usually I have the images ready to view within 2 weeks at which point I’ll arrange a viewing session with you , either in the
studio or at your home where you’ll see the images for the first time. Expect to view approximately 30 images. I’ll help you
narrow down your selection, bring sample products and offer advice on where best to present and display your images. You will be able to place your order with me at this point if you wish with a special bonus for anyone that does.

After the viewing session you will have access to a personal
online password protected viewing gallery, available for 2 weeks. Please feel free to share with family and friends or use personally in case you require any further prints/ products.

All prints/products will be ordered and either hand delivered or posted to you. Carefully packaged to keep them well protected. I archive all shoots…… just in case!